Sharing a SecretThis site will arm you with some signs of a cheater and can help you know if your partner is cheating and catch them. Even if your partner thinks they have the gift of the gab or they have you hanging on their every word, eventually their cheating ways will be discovered and they will trip up.

Relationship experts say that the basis of a good relationship is trust; but I say that the basis of a good, long-standing relationship is suspicion and mistrust. It’s the truth. Most men and women tend to trust relationship advice and they blindly trust their partners. This means that they ignore the obvious warning signs of a cheater which are smacking them in the face day-in and day-out. Your partner may be loving, a tiger in bed and he or she may adore you completely and you may trust them completely; but a long-term relationship requires a healthy degree of suspicion.

Why should I be suspicious of a person who loves me?

You may be happy with the state of your relationship but proximity always, always, breeds contempt and this fact is true all over the world. Cheating can be physical and emotional and believe me, both are equally bad. Physical cheating may result have frequent sex with a secret lover and emotional cheating means that your partner is confiding secrets to a person with whom they have become mentally intimate.

Why do men cheat and who do so many couples ignore the signs of cheating till it is too late?

One factor is that men are natural born hunters and they will “hunt” even when they are in a stable relationship. The sex does not mean anything most of the time but the conquest of a sexy woman is well worth the risk for them. There are women too who love the thrill of an illicit affair. For women, the cheating may be due to emotional issues, financial issues or sexual issues but the end result is cheating. To cover their guilt, cheaters tend to be extra loving at home. These signs of a cheater can be quite subtle and trust can make you blind to them. He or she might already have a new lover or a secret lover but they are ultra-adoring towards you and you let the piddling doubts disappear. For this reason, I stress the point, that any relationship that seems too good to be true…usually is not true.

Some top signs of an unfaithful partner?

Being overly critical or overly loving is one of the top signs of a liar and a cheating spouse. Usually the cheating partner feels guilty of his or her behavior. To justify his cheating, he will become overly critical of your behavior. In his mind, it is a way of justifying his affair by stating ‘you are not good enough for me and you don’t take of me so I need to find someone else to take care of me and love me.” It isn’t true and it’s a sign of cheating. The same justification exists for being overly loving. For some reason, they don’t want their partners to find out about their affair. It might be a temporary flight or just for sex. No matter what the reason, they feel guilty. To divert your attention and soothe their guilt, they will be extra-loving towards children and their spouse.

Your spouse is showing signs of infidelity. The top signs that your partner has already embarked on a physical or an emotional affair is when they suddenly have to work extra, or have to go on out of town or state trips, or when they have to work late, or when they tend to hide their mobile phones. Affairs are hard to hide as lying takes double the effort over telling the truth. Your partner is trying to hide infidelity and it will show up in the form of small lies, additional expenses, unexplained cash withdrawals, credit card expenses, long distance calls, constant texting, being on the internet for a long time every day, shutting the door when they get a call, refusing to disrobe in front of you etc, etc.

Being extra careful about their appearance. Trying to change their appearance is just one way of trying to impress the new lover and discard all trappings of the old one. If they change the style of their hair or try a different style of clothing, it could be something their new lover has suggested they try and one of the signs of a cheater. WATCH OUT FOR THIS SIGN! It means they are ready to move on and nothing you say will change their mind.

Not all of these behavioral signs are true and there may be a few signs of unfaithfulness that don’t really come into this list. Generally, I would advise you to trust your instincts. If you feel that something is off with your relationship, then it usually is. If things get so bad that you are about 50% sure about cheating, get a private detective to follow them around. That should put all your doubts at rest and get you enough proof to prove your case.

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